Advanced Alerts

Advanced Alerts

Email alerts when insiders file Form 4s.

Advanced filtering

This is our premium offering for alerts on insider transactions.

StockTrot has always offered free alerts on insider transactions and we continue to do so. We let you follow companies and receive an alert any time someone files a Form 3, 4, or 5. This is still a great option for when you want to stay on top of the insider dealings of a company.

Wilth our premium offering, you can now create filters and receive alerts when a filing matches your filter parameters. You have the option to receive an email alert or not. You can view your notifications in your account.


View all your alerts in one place

Create alerts like

Transactions over $1,000,000

TSLA ownership change over %4

FAANG stocks


Create alerts using any combination of

  • Transaction shares
  • Transaction share price
  • Dollar Total
  • Percent ownership change
  • Transaction codes
  • Companies
  • Filers
  • Insider titles
  • Acquisition or disposition
  • Direct or indirect ownership
Create a new alert with this intuitive UI

Filter out the noise

    Drill down on exactly what your want with these powerful filters.

More than just alerts

Alerts act as filters.

This lets you view all past transactions that match your filter.

You can choose not to receive an email notification for an alert and use it as a filter only. Viewing all transactions in one place gives you the ability to gather context and visually compare transactions.

Use the alert as a filter and see all transactions in one place.
Use the alert as a filter and see all transactions in one place.


View all notifications in your account.

Each filing that matches your filter gets it's own page showing you the details of the transaction that matched.

To start using the advanced alerts go to your account and sign up for the Advanced Alerts subscription.