Cancel Subscription

Canceling is as easy as a click of a button. That’s the way it should be — no lock-in, no contract, no phone calls. A click of a button is all you need.

Cancel a subscription

Navigate to the subscriptions area

  • Log in

  • Hover on the icon of a person. A drop down menu will appear

  • Select “Subscriptions”

You will see a list of products

Select the product you no longer wish to be subscribed to

Click “Cancel Subscription”

The page will update confirming that your subscription is canceled

Your subscription benefits will continue until the end of the billing cycle. During this time you can use the subscription like normal. When you next billing date arrives, you will not be charged and your benefits will be removed.

While we recommend the self-serve option, you can alternatively, email us from the email your account is associated with, and we will cancel your subscription manually.