Top Movers

December 2016

Today we have released our new feature, Top Movers.

Top Movers simplifies the market for you. You can now look through a sorted and aggregated list of the transactions that have happened in a specified period, whether it be today, yesterday, this week, this month, etc.

There are thousands of transactions happening all the time and it can be hard to make sense of what is going on. With this feature, we’ve simplified things. We aggregate all the data, ignoring anything that isn’t an open market transaction, and show you the net increase or decrease in dollars for all companies that filed in the specified period.

This provides a great way to spot opportunities where a company is having unusually large moves. When you click on one of the cards it will open up and show you how many filers there were and the net increase or decrease for each filer.

Screenshot of the top movers feature on StockTrot

We feel this feature is so insightful and helpful for staying on top of what insiders are doing in the markets that we have featured it very prominently on our site.

As always, hope you enjoy and let us know how you are using this feature.