CFO Buys & Sells

October 2016

Today, we are announcing something that has never been done quite like this before. We call it CFO Buys & Sells.

A leading theory in insider transactions is one of insider office position. It has been widely held true that certain insiders hold more information about the direction and health of the company and that information becomes apparent through their insider trading behavior. CEOs, presidents, and CFOs are often cited as the most insightful. CFOs are arguably the most financially savvy and the most knowledgeable about the financial health of the company and therefore we focus on CFOs.

We’ve taken this theory and brought it front and center to our platform. CFO Buys & Sells not only shows you every open market purchase or sale a CFO makes, it shows you the maximum upside and downside of the stock over the next 7 months and how long it took to arrive at those. This feature shows you how much risk you might have taken had you followed a particular CFO.

By using this tool, you can start to see which insiders are the most successful or predictive of market returns. If you find a CFO that has a good track record you can follow the company and get email alerts every time they file. It is important to note that these transactions may only be the first step into deeper research you should perform. If a CFO has a particularly good track record, take a look at the relation of these transactions to company announcements (earnings reports, product releases, etc.).

CFO Buys & Sells have never been displayed and analyzed like this before. During the 7 months after a trade is made, the data is updated every single day using updated price data. We’re able to show you invaluable information on all CFO transactions that would have required too much time to perform as an individual.

As always, hope you enjoy and let us know how you are using this feature.