StockTrot provides email alerts and data analysis on corporate insider buying and selling in the major U.S. stock exchanges. Insider buying and selling is reported through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission using forms 3, 4, and 5. StockTrot is primarily focussed on Form 4 which reports changes in ownership, i.e. acquiring or disposing positions. Corporate insiders generally have 2 days to report their activity to the SEC. StockTrot processes their forms within minutes of being posted to sec.gov. It is also important to note that insiders can file for transactions that will occur in the future; this is why we often show two dates for each filing.

Email Alerts

We value spectacular information displayed beautifully and delivered timely. We offer many options to give you exactly the alerts you want including; email frequency (immediate, daily, weekly, monthly), follow specific companies, exclude any insider. Our email alerts are designed to look good across all platforms, iPhone, iPad, Androids, desktops, and most mail clients


Our machines run tirelessly to provide top tier and timely data analysis. Basic filtering and data analysis are provided at zero cost whatsoever. A large portion of our advanced data filtering and analysis options are reserved for our premium members at a bargain. We offer what is easily the most advanced tools and analysis for insider trading that is publicly available. We are an ambitious group. The data analysis we provide is continually changing. We are always open to any comments and suggestions on what more you would like to see StockTrot provide. Please send us feedback by contacting us.

Company & Mission

Based out of Southern California. We thrive to dive deeper into the world of insider transactions than anyone has ever gone. We are excited about the future of data analysis and the insights we can find. With advances in algorithmic trading and machine learning, we are eager to hypothesize, test, and explore the new possibilities available to us. Our mission is to explore and find meaningful insights in insider transactions and provide these insights as well as analytical tools in a beatiful and useful way.

We get our data straight from the source, SEC.gov. We take strict measures to ensure we are reporting accurate data. We generally process and send alerts within minutes of the forms posting on sec.gov.