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Our focus is on Form 4 filings made to the SEC
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What Experts Say About Insider Trading

Insider trading is one of the great tip-offs that something good or bad is about to happen, the reason being that a CEO often knows months in advance what’s going to happen, and if she’s not in for the long run, she’s liable to cut her losses and sell her stock. Or if something truly wonderful is about to happen to the company, she’ll move in and buy up stock in preparation for reeling in great returns.

—Phil Town, Rule #1

Generally, we've found that insider buying is predictive...There are some strong correlations between what the insiders are doing, where the stock is going, and its future thereafter. Monitoring insider activity is an embedded advantage into the system. Nobody is going to know more about a company than the CEO, CFO or chairman.

—David Miller of Catalyst Funds, Interview for

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